Here at Signature Media we create content that stands out, we create stunning websites that are powered by WIX and extremely user friendly, we create mobile apps with personal log in systems, table pay options, loyalty systems & much more! we create videos and adverts that are TV quality for amazing prices and we produce wedding films that capture every detail so you can rewatch your special day in 4k forever. 

Time to stand out from the crowd

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Promotional Videos

Our promotional videos are all shot in stunning 4k, a promotional video is the perfect way to show your store, your products, your brand and your company to your target market. Our promotional video's are shot so that they can also be used as smaller ads, you will get your full video and then you can get up to four or five short adverts from them that you can run targeted adverts with to your target audience. Here at Signature Media we can put your stunning 4k promotional video infront of thousands of potential customers! Check out more videos on our Youtube.


Here at Signature Media we love creating adverts, below are some of our recent ads, we storyboard all ads, we choose the locations for the shoot, we get the actors needed and we create an advert bespoke to your business or brand.

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Wedding Films

Signature Weddings will create a wedding film that you can watch forever, we capture every detail from your special day. We use four 4k cameras, we give you three videos and we guarantee stunning quality. Go to Signature Weddings to fine out more

Moving Images

Sometimes you don't need a video, sometimes something as simple looking as a moving image can grab the attention of your potential customers, here at Signature Media we can create various styles of moving images, we can turn any image or artwork into a moving image that will defiantly make your message stand out.